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Lake Tahoe Weddings: Unique Uses of Mason Jars

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weddings in lake tahoeBrides are going crazy this season for Mason jars!  Using Mason jars during the ceremony, using them for decorations, using them for their reception. At Lake Front Wedding & Events we’ve seen a huge demand for the use of Mason jars for all our Lake Tahoe wedding venues.

What is a Mason Jar?

A Mason jar is a molded glass jar made from soda lime glass.  They were patented by John Landis Mason in 1858 and are still used today for preserving food.  They come in many sizes and are even made by other manufacturers than Mason, like Ball. But for the wedding purposes, it doesn’t matter who made the jar as long as its clear and the right size for the wedding plans.

The Top 10 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

  1. As a vase – Fill a mason jar with flowers and arrange them as centerpieces (groups of 3 are perfect) or for needed flower touches throughout the wedding or reception venue.  
  2. Hanging from chairs down the aisle – We’ve seen many different ways to decorate using Mason jars, but this one is our favorite. These crafted jars can be used as decorations for the end of every row of chairs for the ceremony. First, fill the Mason jar half-full of water, then place flowers in them (like a vase). Then use ribbon or lace to tie around the mouth of the jar to the arm or top of the chair. Let the Mason jars hang off the chairs, creating a beautiful end piece.  They can then be moved to the reception area to decorate the cocktail area, gift table or can even serve as the centerpieces. 
  3. Beverage containers – Perfect for an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to artistically place these jars around a punch bowl and let your guests help themselves to a new and creative way to sip! You can also provide cute little ID tags so that no-one is confused about whose jar is whose.
  4. Photo holders – Capture the memories one Mason jar at a time. Placing your photos in a Mason jar is an adorable way to showcase photos of you and your beau, and it takes no more than a few seconds to set up. All you have to do is get your selected photos sized and printed so that they will fit inside the jar. Simply drop your photos inside so that they are standing upright or leaning against the side of the jar to make a unique photo display.
  5. Centerpieces – Set two or three Mason jars (different sizes work best) in the center of each table and place candles in each one of them. Use votive candles or LED light in the jar. You can also tie ribbons and bows to finish off for extra detail and pop of color.
  6. Candle holder ceremony aisle – place candles in Mason jars and line the aisle with them side by side.
  7. Create a ceremony aisle with jars lined up wide by side with candles or flowers inside.
  8. Wedding invitations – The actual jars aren’t used for the invitation but pictures of the jars are used.  If you are having a rustic wedding or using Mason jars in the ceremony why not use them for your invitations?
  9. Party favors – Mason Jars can be filled with almost anything from bubbles for use during the big day to cookie mixes and candy jars for takeaways.
  10. For desert – Everyone gets their own individual dessert inside mini Mason jars. You can have an ice cream sundae bar where everyone fills up their jar with their favorite treats as well as have cakes baked into the jar, berries and cream and so many other ideas.

Contact your Lake Tahoe wedding consultant

At Lake Front Wedding & Events we love hearing from our brides on how they’ll be decorating during their Lake Tahoe wedding.  Mason jars have been a HUGE hit! Call us today at 888-Wed-Tahoe and learn how you can find the right Lake Tahoe wedding venue to use Mason jars at or any other rustic touch you want to use.






A “Natural” Wedding in Lake Tahoe

valhalla weddings lake tahoe

You’re planning your wedding day and trying to figure out what theme to have for your special day.  There are so many choices!  Many of our brides are going towards a natural wedding in Lake Tahoe, one where they use the environment to create decorations, invitations, adornment for their dress and much more.

The Natural Wedding in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to find natural elements for a wedding.  You can incorporate some earthy elements into your décor to celebrate the scenic natural wonders surrounding your special day.  Leafy greens, pines, pinecones and rocks are almost anywhere in the area.  Basic glassware, vases and candles turn into works of art when adding nature.

You can find some great ideas for your nature inspired Lake Tahoe wedding on Pinterest and well as searching stories and blogs you find on the internet.  You can create whatever you want…that’s what is so great about a “natural” wedding.  What pleases you is what matters and will look great! The candles and bouquets shown here are simple yet beautiful. At Lake Front Wedding & Events we have a great assortment of naturally themed centerpieces that will fit perfectly with the natural themed wedding.

We found this board on Pinterest with a lot of great ideas for your natural wedding, whether in Lake Tahoe or elsewhere.


If you look around you’ll see a lot of pine cones on the ground.  They can be incorporated into wedding and reception décor.  Our vintage Historic Wedding Venue is a great place to bring in the natural elements.  Pinecones on the mantle is just one idea that can be used here.


Some other ideas include using local wildflowers to create a handmade boutonnierre, succulents for the wedding bouquet, a moss covered table as well as using painted rocks to adorn the tables (you can even put names on the rocks and use them as your table “placecards.”)


Other ways to incorporate the “natural” element into your Lake Tahoe wedding:

Attire:  Lace and soft, natural fabrics.  Attendants don’t necessarily have to match, just all be comfortable. Focus on natural fabrics such as cotton and linen (polyester isn’t very earth friendly).

Flowers:  Wildflowers or daisies tied in a loose bunch. If it looks like you just cut them and put together right before the ceremony is all the better!

Venue:  All of our Lake Tahoe wedding venues are perfect for a natural themed wedding.

Favors: Seeds, a plant, little bird houses…whatever is a symbol of you as a couple that has the natural look.  Leaf pressed note cards, bamboo candles…the list can go on and on!

Menu:  Organic food and wine is the obvious choice but you can also think lighter fare and vegetarian dishes.

Invitations:  Handmade on homemade paper or recycled paper.  Use burlap, gingham and rafia as well.

Registery:  Outdoor camping or yard equipment or donations to your favorite charity.

Our Lake Tahoe wedding coordinators are available to help you with all of the details for your natural wedding. Contact them today to get started on the planning of your special day at the lake.

How to use Pinterest to plan your Lake Tahoe wedding

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Have you starting using Pinterest yet?  If not, you’re missing out on a lot of fun!  It’s a 3 year old social networking site that is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that users create boards about everything from food & drink to travel, and of course, weddings!

We wrote about our boards a few months ago and we’re having a good time sharing photos of our wedding venues in Lake Tahoe as well as flowers, cakes, shabby chic weddings and much more.  We don’t get to post as much as we wish we could….we’ve been busy in planning weddings!

Lake Tahoe Weddings and Pinterest

Many brides start their boards on Pinterest long before they have an engagement ring on their finger.  It’s like looking through bridal magazines and cutting out pictures to save for ideas of your special day when it comes.  Pinterest is no different and we see thousands of boards dedicated to just weddings.  Brides (and some grooms) love to share and gather ideas as they make plans.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet you need to get started, it’s so much fun.  You need to be invited by a friend that is already on the site, so if you want to send us a message we’ll invite you!  Start boards that match what you like, but we’ll concentrate here on your wedding boards.  Our brides have boards for Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues, Reception ideas, Wedding decorations, Bridal gowns and everything else that is involved in their wedding in beautiful Lake Tahoe. They save pictures of rings, dresses for the bridal party, party favors and so much more.

We have brides from around the US and beyond re-pinning pictures found on our boards but you can also pin from our website. When you are looking on the site and see a page or post you like, hit the “pin it” button on the bottom and add it to your board(s).

Our Wedding Boards

Valhalla Weddings, Edgewood Weddings and Wedding Photography are just a few of our boards. You don’t don’t have to repin to get the full benefit of what we have to offer, you can simple “follow” us and you’ll be informed when we add to that board. We’re having fun being a part of Pinterest and we hope you enjoy it too!

Happy Pinning!

Top Ceremony Songs for Summer 2013

Bridal music for your South Lake Tahoe Wedding

Music helps set the moods for weddings, particularly the ceremony.  Here in Lake Tahoe, most weddings aren’t complete without the perfect song to help usher in the bride.  When the music begins and the bride steps up to the aisle, heads turn and the tears often began to flow.

At Lake Front Wedding we are constantly asked by brides “Whats the best music to walk down the aisle to?”.   Since every year the songs change, it’s hard to stay current on the various song choices available.


Here is our handy list of the top ceremony songs for the Summer of 2013 that will help make your Lake Tahoe wedding a perfect event.

Bridal Processional;  This is the is the ceremony music that plays as the bride walks up to the aisle. It’s sets the mood for the wedding and serenades as both the groom and guest lay eyes on the gorgeous bride for the first time. Whether you choose a classic song or something more contemporary the important thing is that you have an emotive response to it, as your guest will too!

Canon In D  ~ Pachelbel

Bridal Chorus ~ Richard Wagner

Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring ~ Bach

Somewhere over the Rainbow~Israel Kamakawiwo?ole

You and Me ~ David Mathews

A Thousand Years ~ Instrumental Version

Bridal music for your South Lake Tahoe Wedding

 Recessional Music;  This is the ceremony music that plays as the Bridal Party, Groomsmen and newly married Bride and Groom exit after being announced Husband and Wife.  This is where most people insert a fun and creative song to help kick start the occasion in a joyous and heart felt way.

Mary You ~ Bruno Mars

My Best Friend  ~ Queen

Crazy Little Thing called love ~  Michael Buble

Just a Kiss  ~ Lady Antebellum

I do ~ Colbie Caillat

City of Blinding Lights ~ U2

Dance Tonight ~ Tribute Co.

Tenderness ~ General Public

Grow Old with You ~Adam Sandler The Wedding Singer

Regardless of what music you decide to use for you Lake Tahoe Wedding, the most important part is to have fun and enjoy your big day.  At Lake Front Wedding we help plan and coordinate your Tahoe wedding and make sure even the tiniest details, such as the processional songs, are taken care of so you have no cares and worries on your wedding day.

Call us today and let us help you plan your perfect wedding here in South Lake Tahoe.



Top reasons why renting a private home is more ideal than a hotel for you and your wedding guests.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Honeymoon Venue | Escape Cabin

A big part of planning for your Tahoe wedding , or any other big event, is to decide on lodging in South Lake Tahoe for you and your guest.  Lake Tahoe has 100s of hotel and motel rooms, which can be great when you come to town to visit, but when it comes to your wedding, choosing to rent a private home is ideal for many reasons.

*  You can prepare your own meals and save money by not eating out so much.

* A charming and rustic cabin in Lake Tahoe will provide you and your guest with a more authentic Tahoe experience than the casino can offer.

*  You have a plenty of space to get ready for your wedding and don’t have to cram into a small hotel room with your bridal party.

*  You have a place to have a manicure and pedicure or spa treatment.  You can even have your hair dresser come over and help you get ready while in the privacy of a home.

*  You can have the bridal party in one home and the family in another home and all your loved ones can be close and have a space to congregate.

*  Laundry can even be done…why would you want to go to a laundromat?

Renting a home can be a real money saver too.  Instead of everyone having to get their own hotel room and pay for meals out you can share expenses.  Rent a home with privacy and a hot tub and your night is made all that more special!

Check out our two homes for rent:   The Meadow Lake Home and the Escape Cabin.  They can be rented for anything…a special night out, the honeymoon, the wedding night, for a girl’s weekend or a family escape.  Contact us and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Country Club Wedding – The Ideal Wedding Venue for an Upscale Event

Lake Tahoe Wedding | Country Club Venue | Lake Front Wedding

If luxury and elegance is high on your list of priorities for a Lake Tahoe wedding, we have just the right wedding venue to suit your needs.

Lake Tahoe Country Club Weddings

Our Country Club wedding venue is currently the most popular place for a beautiful and elegant wedding in Tahoe. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Location, Location, Location – Nestled right on the shores of South Lake Tahoe with a stunning view of  Tallac and the Sierras and surrounded by an award winning golf course, the country club setting is breathtakingly beautiful, to say the least.  While still centrally located and only a few blocks from Stateline, it is ideal for the couple who want their guest to be able to experience the beauty of Tahoe as well as the excitement of the casinos.
Country Club Wedding in South Lake Tahoe

A Gorgeous Country Club provides the perfect Venue for a wedding in Lake Tahoe

  • Private Venue – Unlike many other lakefront wedding venues in South Lake Tahoe, the country club is completely private and secluded with no other business’s or private homes nearby.  When you stand on the beach and say your vows you won’t have to compete with the loud noise of a jet ski on the lake or a group of tourist walking by.  You will feel like Tahoe is your private retreat for you and your guest to enjoy. There are also plenty of lodging options within a few blocks of this location…makes it easy for everyone to get around!
Private and Secluded Wedding Venue on the Shores of Lake Tahoe

A private wedding in Lake Tahoe at a gorgeous Country Club located right on the beach in South Lake.

  • Award Winning Cuisine – When hiring an executive chef, the country club searched high and low for the ideal candidate who could create delectable and scrumptious food for even the most discerning palate. A reception at the Country club means your guest will be served some of the finest cuisine Tahoe has to offer.  In 2011 the Country Club was awarded  the Open Table Diners Choice Award for the Most Scenic Restaurant in the United States, so as they enjoy the fine cuisine they can also enjoy one of the most gorgeous views in the county.
Wedding Reception food

Incredible food for a wedding reception, created by a skilled group of chefs.


perfect food for wedding reception in Lake Tahoe

Scrumptious cuisine for your Tahoe Wedding Reception

  • Offers Weddings Year Round – Being a winter paradise, we have to plan for snow. Many of the best venues don’t operate during winter and hibernate until the snow melts. The country club, however, is open year round and has two main event rooms where a bride can get married indoors or out.  No hassles worrying that the weather might turn bad and your outdoor Tahoe wedding might suddenly be postponed.  Brides can choose to wed on the grass lawn, on the beach, the stone terrace, or in one of the event rooms that have large cathedral windows and offer a stunning view of Tahoe.
outdoor tahoe wedding venue

Outdoor Tahoe wedding on the stone terrace of the country club

Indoor wedding venue in South Lake Tahoe

Indoor wedding venue at the country club

year round wedding venue in Lake Tahoe

Snow covered Country Club. Beautiful wedding venue year round!

  •  A Wedding Venue Offering Both Weddings and a Reception – Nothing can be more of a hassle then worrying about the logistics of your wedding guest on your wedding day.  Shuttling your guest from a wedding venue to a different location for the reception is not only a hassle but a headache.  A venue such as the country club, that offers both the wedding and the reception, is ideal for the couple who want a hassle free event where guest can relax and enjoy themselves.
wedding reception venues in South Lake Tahoe

Wedding Receptions held in the event room of the Country Club

Plan your Upscale Lake Tahoe Wedding Today

If you’re looking for an elegant and upscale wedding venue in South Lake Tahoe, contact us today and let us help you start planning today!  This location fills up fast so contact us as soon as you know you’ll want to have your fabulous wedding where dreams do come true.

Top 5 Wedding Venues in South Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has an abundance of wedding venues to choose from and at Lake Front Wedding we specialize in helping couples find the perfect wedding venue in South Lake Tahoe to fit all of their needs.

We took a moment and complied a list of our favorite Lake Tahoe wedding venues. With so many amazing wedding locations in South Lake Tahoe to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down to only 5.

1.  Edgewood Golf Course and County Club

If posh and sophisticated is your style, this is the venue for you.  Located right on the lake, this exquisite wedding venue has amazing views of Lake Tahoe and is the perfect place for a wedding and reception. With food catered by their 5 star award winning restaurant, your guest will not only marvel at the amazing location but the excellent cuisine as well.


2. Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony easily makes the ranks as an amazing wedding package for the couple looking for it all.  Do you need a place for you and your guest to stay along with a gorgeous location for your Tahoe wedding and reception?  Beach retreat covers all bases!  Your guests can walk from their rooms, down to the lake for the wedding, then over to a heated outdoor tent for the wedding reception, and hardly break a sweat in between.

Beach Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe

3. Valhalla

Historic charm at it’s best, Valhalla is the perfect wedding venue for the bride and groom who love history and all things shabby and chic.  The 100 year old Grand Hall sits amidst the grand trees and buildings that make up the 74 acre Tallac Historic Site.  It sits right on the beach, combines historic charm with gorgeous Lake Tahoe views, and offers a wedding venue that your guest will never forget and be talking about for years to come

Valhalla wedding reception

4. Toes in the sand

Imagine a wedding on the shores of gorgeous Lake Tahoe.   You and your groom stand on the beach under an arch decorated with flowers and say your vows looking out over one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world.   Toes in the sand is the perfect wedding package for couples who want to experience Tahoe up close and personal.  As a wedding venue only, no receptions, another amazing bonus is that the price does not increase based on your amount of guests.  Invite those distant cousins and work colleagues, its not a problem, this wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 people!

lakefront wedding in tahoe

5. Beachfront lawn

Beachfront Lawn is a gorgeous Lake Tahoe wedding venue located in a small park, centrally located in South Lake Tahoe.  For the bride and groom interested in small and simple wedding, this is the perfect South Lake Tahoe wedding venue.  On a grassy knoll, overlooking the lake, couples say their vows in a woodsy park setting with quick access to the beach and several piers that provide the perfect back drop for gorgeous wedding photos.

regan beach wedding venue in South Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay – The perfect spot for an outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe

best place for a lake tahoe wedding

Nestled in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay, a state park adjacent to the lake,  is one of the most photographed places in the world and the perfect spot for a small and simple, outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe.

Perhaps you want to escape the confines of a wedding chapel? Consider an intimate wedding at Emerald Bay, one of Lake Tahoe’s most beautiful wedding venues. This outdoor wedding is an excellent alternative to a small and stuffy chapel.  On a small bluff overlooking the lake, you and your partner will get married in one of the most beautiful spots in the world and easily one of the best places to get married in Lake Tahoe.

best place to get married in Lake Tahoe

Tucked in between the majestic Sierra Mountains, dotted with Jeffery Pine and Cedar Fir, and overlooking Fannette Island, the only island on Lake Tahoe, it’s no wonder this is a favorite spot for a gorgeous Lake Tahoe wedding.

On a small bluff, nestled in the trees and protected from the wind, with a magnificent view of pristine Lake Tahoe, it really is one of the most scenic and gorgeous wedding venues for happy couples to say their “I do’s”.

gorgeous lake tahoe wedding at emerald bay

Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for months or decided an an impromptu wedding while vacationing in Lake Tahoe, at Lake Front Wedding & Events we can help you create your perfect wedding  and will take all the hard work and logistics out of the big day so the only concern a bride has is showing up and looking her best. We specialize in last minute wedding so call us today if you’re visiting Tahoe and decide it’s finally time to tie the knot!

Tips to help plan a stress free Lake Tahoe wedding.


Planning a perfect wedding can be an overwhelming ordeal.  Often enough, what is meant to be the most important day of your life can suddenly become a stressful affair if you’re not careful. With all the chaos of the day, and so many details to handle, it’s easy nearly impossible to not stress out over the tiniest of things.  When planning your spectacular Lake Tahoe wedding, it’s important for brides and grooms to remember the most important aspect of the day; you’re about to unite with the love of your life. Nothing else matters.  If you find yourself losing site of this on you’re wedding day, its important to stop…be still.. and breathe.


Here are some other tips to help keep the stress and worries at bay;

  • Give yourself plenty of time to plan the event –  When you’re in deep in a state of romantic bliss the last thing you want to do is wait to marry the person you love.  I’m sure if most women could have the perfect wedding arrange and waiting the moment they say I do, they would gladly hop in their dress and head straight down the aisle.  But that’s not how it works.  Planning a wedding takes time. In order to find the best wedding venue,  food, dress, flowers and all the other stuff that goes along with a great wedding, it is wise to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.  Doing so will ensure you do not become more and more stressed and disappointed leading up the event.  If you’re unable to give yourself enough time to plan a wedding than consider hiring a professional wedding coordinator.  Their expertise and seasoned experience will alleviate most of your wedding day stress.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for help –  A wedding is a huge undertaking.  Most brides don’t even know where to begin when they start planing their wedding.  You might want to be the Wonder Woman who does it all and hardly breaks a sweat, but with such a large ‘checklist’ to tackle, sometimes it’s best to let go and allow people to help.  Whether it be your mom, best friend, or a wedding coordinator, it’s important you don’t try to take it all on yourself, otherwise, you might have a case of ‘bride burnout’ by the time your big day rolls around.
  • Be flexible – Weddings are similar to childbirth.  You might have the perfect plan laid out for the day but things don’t always go as planned.  If you accept this as a possibility and make a choice not to get upset, you will save yourself much grief when small things begin to change.  If you find yourself crushed because you cannot get the wedding venue you want for the date you selected, or the dress of your dreams is out of your budget, remember the most important fact: you did get the partner you want for life! That’s all that matters!
  • Make time for yourself – This suggestion confuses many brides.  I mean after all you’re planning your wedding.  Isn’t is ALL about you! The reality is, in the months leading up to the wedding,  many brides can become so consumed by the event they completely ignore their personal needs in the process.  Take at least 30 minutes everyday leading up to the event to just focus on yourself and and how you’re feeling.  Start a daily ritual, such as taking a morning walk, or sitting down to slowly enjoy your coffee while listening to your favorite song, and be sure to do it the day of your wedding.  It will make you feel more centered and calm as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

  At Lakefront Wedding we’ve committed ourselves to providing you the best service and resources for making your wedding a stress free and happy event.  Our team of dedicated professionals cover every detail and helps you meticulously plan out your big day so your only concern is showing up and looking your best.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your Lake Tahoe Wedding.

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Great tips for your perfect springtime wedding in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Wedding | Country Club Venue | Lake Front Wedding

Congratulations! You’ve answered the biggest question of your life, been given the ring and now it’s time to plan your celebration. Marriage represents a new start and fresh beginnings and what season better represents those things than spring. When choosing ideas for your lovely springtime wedding in beautiful Lake Tahoe, there are a few things to take into consideration;

  • Flowers- When it comes to Spring Weddings, flowers are rarely found just in the hands of the bride. Wedding cakes covered in flowers, flower themed wedding invitations or flower wedding favors are all ways to incorporate springs favorite bounty into your big day. Most flowers have meaning associated with them so choosing a flower that you not only love, but that has special meaning, will only add to the event. For example, Red Tulips, a spring favorite, are said to represent True Love, while Pink Tulips represent happiness and a deep caring for one another. Interested in centerpieces that have Both? Not a problem. At Lake Tahoe Weddings, our skilled team can help you find the perfect flowers to accentuate your amazing springtime Lake Tahoe Wedding.
  • Color Choices- Nothing sets the tone for your big day like the colors you choose to intertwine with the event. Pastel Colors, which pop up in the spring such as light pinks, yellows, and soft greens, provide excellent options for bridesmaids dresses, flowers, centerpieces, linens or just eye catching decorations. We found some great ideas at Martha Stewart for pastel colored, spring themed weddings.

wedding linens                                                                                                         Courtesy of

  • Location- In Lake Tahoe, spring enters fresh off the heels of the snow and is always anxious to finally make an appearance. The beautiul Sierra Mountains that surround pristine Lake Tahoe are still covered with snow remnants on their high peaks. The weather is warm during the day in the sun with a crisp mountain air that creeps in at night. Wether you choose to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, we offer a variety of gorgeos wedding venue options to choose from. Perhaps you’re a bride and groom who want a small intimate wedding surrounded by nature. The breathtaking shorline of Lake Tahoe, or a lookout in Emerald Bay, both offer the perfect spot to be surrounded by your most intimate friends and family.

lake tahoe wedding venues

Perhaps you want a larger wedding, with a more polished and sophisticated feel. You love the idea of an outdoor wedding but want your older guest to be comfortable indoors. Edgewood offers a bright, sunny, open location, with high glass windows that have a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe. The warmth of spring pours in and fills the room and allows you to take in the breathtaking wonder of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Wedding | Country Club Venue | Lake Front Wedding


Whatever type of location you prefer, contact us today to help you plan your perfect wedding.

It’s time to make your wedding flowers bright, your wedding dress timeless and dress up your wedding party with style! Take the time to create memories that will last a lifetime and most importantly enjoy your big day! Let our team take care of any worries involved with planning your wedding. This is afterall a new beginning! Enjoy it!