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lake tahoe wedding trends2016 is a brand new year, and not only is it a perfect time for resolutions, its also a great time to look at what’s hot for your Lake Tahoe wedding.   While Pinterest is great for exploring, and saving, new ideas, not all weddings have to be elaborate, million dollar affairs! This year its about bringing it all back in to what  two of you are all about as a couple, and what makes you happy. Here’s a look at Lake Tahoe wedding trends (and beyond).

Wedding Trends

This year its all about what makes you happy as a couple. There will be no set rules, so if you want it, do it!  Couples are increasingly looking for ways to bring in elements of places that hold special memories — no matter where the actual wedding is being held. You met at the beach, your first date was at Disneyland and he proposed in Paris, so you can bring in all elements into your wedding, Perhaps have mini-Eiffel Towers at the tables, which your ceremony at one of our Lake Tahoe beach locations with red, black and white decorations? The sky’s the limit, as long as it’s about you and your soon to be spouse!


Mix and Match…there are no rules here either! Florists can put together the arrangement of your dreams. The right mix of style and simplicity will be the cornerstone of fabulous wedding floral arrangements in 2016. Succulents, potted plants, freshly picked all will work this year, and you can even mix them with more formal and traditional flowers.  With all the foodies around today, even herbs on the tables will look fabulous!lake tahoe wedding


Shiny is in, so add touches of gold and silver, no matter which one of our Lake Tahoe wedding venues you select. These colors can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal or even very natural, it just depends on what else you have at your ceremony and reception. Remember the Donnie and Marie song about being a little country and a little rock’n’roll? This works this year in your wedding…mix it up and do what speaks about you as a couple.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Your theme can fit into any of our timeless wedding venues. What matter is that you’re happy and the wedding is just an extension of your love for each other.  Get married on the beach with a touch of Hawaii.  Are you kids at heart? Bring bubbles into your Lake Tahoe outdoors ceremony. What makes your family and friends think of you as a couple?  Bring it with you to Tahoe and we’ll make it part of your wedding celebration!

Get Married in Lake Tahoe

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