Kids or No Kids at Your Wedding?

Lake Tahoe weddingsThis is a tough question that we hear all the time at Lake Front Wedding in Lake Tahoe.  Some couples are set against having young children at their wedding, while others want kids, especially if they have some of their own.  Sometimes it is due to the extra cost a child will add to the reception. It also may be that the couple just doesn’t want the disruption some children can cause.  It can be a big decision between couples and the choice is really up to you.

When You Don’t Want Kids at Your Wedding

The tough question is, “How do I specify on the wedding invitation that we don’t want children at the ceremony and/or reception?”  This is a delicate situation, for sure, and has been covered in articles for years, yet, its never easy. Simply addressing your invitations to “Mr. & Mrs.” will not always get the hint across that those are the only 2 people invited.

Here are some helpful ideas:

Put a link to your wedding website on your invitations (and social media if you have one for the big day).  On the site you can have a tab for “kids” and say if they are allowed or not, and supply some options for their local care.

On your RSVP card, state that you have reserved a spot at your wedding for your friend and 1 guest.

If you are having electronic responses, put “Adult 1” and “Adult 2” as boxes for your guest(s) to check off. You can word your RSVP card the same way.

“Adult Only Reception Following Ceremony”  or ““Ceremony and reception intended for adults only” are some invitation wording ideas. Couples can also say “Due to limited venue space, Adults only please.” People who want to attend both your wedding and reception will leave the little ones at home.  No matter how delicately you word it, there is a chance someone is going to be offended unfortunately.  Don’t use “no kids invited” as that is harsh and won’t be well accepted.

Some people will ask if they can bring their kids, no matter how you spread the word.  This puts brides in a difficult situation. We don’t think any one way is 100% foolproof, but all you can do is try and get on with planning your wedding!

Since 99% of our weddings are for couples from outside the Lake Tahoe area, most parents aren’t going to come for a weekend wedding without their children.  Look below for solutions that fit this dilemma.

Another solution you can have, especially if you have a lot of friends with wee ones, is to say “We have arranged for offsite childcare for children under 13 (or whatever you choose).”  Sometimes teenagers can add a fun vibe to your wedding and reception so you may want to include them. You can also provide a list of local babysitters, or have a room set up nearby with pizza and someone hired to watch over the situation.

The wedding couple knows their friends and relatives the best, so each situation will be different.  Being upfront and stating “This is an adult only wedding and reception” on your invitations and websites states what the couple desires and attendees should abide by those wishes and make arrangements for their children. 

Hope this helps!

Don’t forget, that if you do have children at your reception, to tell your Lake Front Coordinator because many reception venues have special meals for kids under 10… or some venues even have kids meals priced at half off!

If you have any questions or concerns about planning your Lake Tahoe wedding, email us or call Lake Front Wedding & Events at  800-933-8246.