Lake Tahoe weddings

Reception Phototgraphy

You’ve just gotten married. Congratulations! The ceremony is over – did it really go that fast? Those formal posed shots are done so now you can finally relax.  It’s time for the party to begin!

There are still so many important moments to capture:

  • Your grand entrance
  • The welcoming toast and receiving line
  • The outrageous food spread!
  • The bride & groom get to eat first; gives more time to move around and mingle with your guests while they are still dining
  • Are you doing your toasts before dinner or just before the cake cutting?
  • The CAKE!  The centerpiece of the reception…well, after the two of you, of course
  • Cutting the cake…no smashing cake into each other, please
  • Now the dancing: 1)Couples first dance, 2)Father/Daughter; Mother/Son, 3)Money dance? Chicken dance?  4)All the kids and grandparents…
  • The bouquet toss…who got it?
  • The garter toss…how much leg to show?
  • Blowing bubbles in the parking lot when you leave

So many memories to save and cherish!

It’s tempting to save some money by using your friends and relatives to take photos during the reception.  After all, cell phones and digital cameras are common and easy to use.  But, do you really want to depend on Uncle Frank or Cousin Sue or your neighbor with the telescopic lens to get all those shots, in focus, centered, and…did that flash go off?  A professional wedding photographer knows how to get all those moments, when to expect them, how to work with difficult or unusual lighting.  Having the same photographer for your ceremony and reception is convenient as she will know who the family and important guests are already and the reception photos will be in the same album or on the same disk as the wedding.  Yes, it is tempting to save those few dollars, but is the chance of losing those moments worth it?

At Lake Front Wedding and Eventsl, we have an excellent professional photographer with several different packages to chose from, one for every budget.

  • Reception Photos $250.00 per hour
  • Reception Video $250.00 per hour

Call us at 800-WED-TAHOE for more information on wedding and reception photographers and wedding packages.