Wedding trends from Lake Tahoe to London

lake-tahoe-wedding-beansWe’re always filling you in on wedding trends in Lake Tahoe, since that is what we know best, but we thought it’d be fun to take a peek across the Atlantic and see more global trends in weddings.

Global Wedding Trends

Etsy is not only a popular and inspirational site to visit in the states, its also a go-to for Australia and England. The Etsy-fueled craft of macrame backdrops has become very popular, with brides using them as a “boho luxe flavour to altars, dining rooms and photo areas” according Brides magazine in the UK.

Quirky food options for receptions are trendy, and we’re not just talking food trucks, though they are still on top of the quirky option list. The newer trend is for the trucks to offer fun and funky carnival food such as funnel cakes and sweet fritters (zeppole). Shuck Trucks have been seen pulling up to weddings, full of oysters for your wedding guests.

lake-tahoe-wedding-macrameIn France, metallic flavor is on top this year. Silver, gold and copper have become increasingly popular, from a single showpiece to an entire metallic-themed wedding. They find that metallics are easy to combine with different wedding styles, and allow you to try different accent colors.

An English couple has created a luxury wedding film company. They’ll  shoot the wedding video at movie-level standards. The couples then, at a private cinema, invite friends and family to a champagne reception to watch ‘the premiere’. They’ll even roll out a red carpet for your arrival!

In Costa Rica there is a new twist to bean bags. Guests get to ditch their post-wedding hangover with some bespoke coffee the morning after. Personalized bags of coffee are now very popular wedding favors. Couples can create their own labels and blends.

The popular trend in Japan is for a “western wedding.” Couples there want an American theme to their weddings and many people from the U.S. now living there are being brought in to officiate.

Lake Tahoe Weddings

What’s great about getting married in Lake Tahoe, you can add whatever theme and flavor to your wedding that you want. It is your wedding, so do what you like, no matter what country has inspired your idea.

You’ve no doubt already been looking at wedding magazines and websites, taken a peek at Pinterest and started to imagine what your wedding would look like.  The next step is to call our professional wedding planners to get started on your Lake Tahoe wedding!

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